Summer Student Series 2023: Josie Slaughter

September 12, 2023

This summer, I had the incredible privilege of interning at East Coast Environmental Law, an organization dedicated to environmental advocacy and policy in Atlantic Canada. As a Mi’kmaw person, this unique opportunity allowed me to immerse myself in the intricacies of environmental law and policy specific to Mi'kma'ki. Throughout my internship, I engaged in a wide range of activities, from conducting legal research on environmental laws in New Zealand to supporting projects focused on Indigenous law revitalization, all while gaining invaluable practical skills and knowledge.

Throughout my internship, I found East Coast Environmental Law to be an incredible learning environment. The dedicated staff members were not only supportive and helpful but also provided me with numerous opportunities to develop practical skills, such as meeting with real clients, which I believe is a valuable skill not taught in law school.

I had the privilege of being involved in a project focused on revitalizing Mi'kmaw law, encompassing Indigenous legal traditions and principles. The project aimed to integrate Indigenous perspectives into environmental decision-making processes and foster a more inclusive and holistic approach to environmental governance. Participating in this project broadened my understanding of Indigenous law, Mi’kmaw law, and Mi’kmaw governance, and highlighted the importance of recognizing and respecting diverse legal systems in environmental discourse.

As I reflect on my transformative summer at East Coast Environmental Law, I am deeply grateful for the invaluable experiences and knowledge I gained. The practical skills acquired, along with exposure to environmental and Indigenous law, have left a lasting impression on me. I eagerly anticipate future opportunities to continue working alongside this remarkable organization, utilizing my newfound understanding and skills to make a meaningful impact in the world of environmental advocacy.

Josie Slaughter

Josie Slaughter

Josie's work with us this summer was funded by the Canada Summer Jobs Program.