Lil MacPherson

Lil was born and raised in Nova Scotia. She is the founder and co-owner of The Wooden Monkey restaurants, located in Halifax and Dartmouth, where serving food with a conscience is the restaurant's mission that has received many awards. Lil is a trained presenter for Al Gore's Climate Change Project and has attended United Nations Climate Change Conferences in Copenhagen, Cancun, and recently Paris.  She has travelled the world, from the Slow Food International Conference in Italy to a Chalice sponsor site in Africa but her passion remains on local issues concerning food sustainability and supporting Nova Scotia farmers. Lil has been sharing her message from elementary schools to universities, and private and government sponsored conferences. She is able to get her message across with a sense of urgency while using her sense of humor. She often says that the people she focuses her attention on most are the people that eat food. One of her favorite things to do is retreat to her mountain hide-away and hop on her tractor.