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Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is legislation that creates a right of public access to provincial government records.


These regulations correspond to Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Among other things, they outline procedures for requesting information under the Act and designate fees for applications.


These Regulations, created under the Nova Scotia Energy Resources Conservation Act and the Pipeline Act, establish administration procedures for the construction of gas plant facilities, as well as the terms and conditions of granted licences.


These Regulations, created under the Nova Scotia Pipeline Act, describe the responsibilities that the holder of a licence under the Act owes to a landowner, as well as the notices that a licencee is required to give to a landowner.


This Act promotes responsible and sustainable mineral resource development. It provides an administrative framework, encourages exploration, and details information with respect to titles, declaration, and assertion of claims.


Comprehensive guidelines for the management of Motive and Fuel Oil under the Environment Act. Details appropriate method for sale, storage, keeping inventory records, and pricing.


These Rules exist under section 12 of Nova Scotia's Utility and Review Board Act. They apply to appeals and applications under the Municipal Government Act and include forms for Planning Appeals (Forms A and B).


This link goes to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Website, specifically the municipal planning section where it provides a wealth of information pertaining to utilities, forms, and other information pertaining to municipal planning for that locality ...


This provincial act aims to support and promote “the protection, enhancement and prudent use of the environment”. It sets forward the goals of maintaining the principles of sustainable development, including the principle of “ecological value,” and ensuri ...


These Regulations under Nova Scotia's Environment Act set out the structure, administration, and operation of Environmental Assessment Review Boards under the Act.


These Regulations identify the requirements for membership in and duties of On-site Services Advisory Boards under Nova Scotia's Environment Act in relation to the construction or installation of wells or on-site sewage disposal systems.


This Act governs the development and operation of provincial parks in Nova Scotia. Among other things, it aims to provide opportunities for recreational activities and preserve significant elements of the natural environment in the province.


These Regulations exist under section 270 of Nova Scotia's Municipal Government Act. Subdivision approval is given pursuant to the municipal subdivision by-law and not these Provincial Subdivision Regulations. However, the Regulations lay out the requirem ...


Details requirements for administration and membership of the Nova Scotia Round Table on Environment and Economy, which represents various sectors of the Province, including business, environmental, and aboriginal communities.


These Regulations under Nova Scotia's Environment Act govern the management of solid waste in Nova Scotia.


This Act provides for the preservation, regulation, and study of archaeological, historical, paleontological, and ecological sites in Nova Scotia.


This Act provides for the preservation, protection, regulation, exploration, excavation, acquisition, and study of archaeological and historical remains, palaentological sites, and ecological sites in Nova Scotia. The Minister can designate any land in th ...


Statements of Provincial Interest are adopted by the Government of Nova Scotia as Regulations under the Municipal Government Act. They exist to provide guidance on the development of Nova Scotia’s land and water resources.