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These Regulations exist under Section 34 of Nova Scotia's Utility and Review Board Act, and they set out the operational procedures of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.


These Regulations provide for facility classification, operator certification, and facility operation with respect to water and wastewater facilities. They also provide for the monitoring of public drinking water supplies.


This Nova Scotia legislation aims to protect provincial water resources so as to ensure their “long-term self-sufficiency and utilization to the greatest benefit of the population”. It recognizes the need to preserve water supplies for future domestic nee ...


These Regulations, created under Nova Scotia's Environment Act, identify the required qualifications for drillers of wells and installers of pumps, and they also deal with applications for qualification, locations of wells, construction materials, an ...


This Act provides for the establishment, management, protection, and use of designated wilderness areas in Nova Scotia. In doing so, it promotes the maintenance of biodiversity and other natural features.


This Act seeks to maintain diversity of species, protect habitat for wildlife, continue opportunities for regulated hunting and fishing, and provide for renewal of wildlife resources while fostering their optimum recreational and economic uses.