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This presentation for the 2010 ECELAW Summary Series looks at how one can ensure that an aquaculture operation is not having a negative impact on water quality. It starts out by examining the aquaculture industry and the controversy over it, as well as it ...

The Government of New Brunswick, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Government of Nova Scotia, and the Government of Prince Edward Island agree to cooperate on the development of the aquaculture sector. The Parties seek to promote sustainabl ...

Marine Protected Areas are a useful conservation and protection tool. The need for a cooperative approach to develop a network of federal marine protected areas to improve the condition of our oceans led to the creation of the Marine Protected Areas Strat ...

Chrowdis Mountain Island Vacuum Limited Lagoon Site Independent Review - Final Report

This document provides a decision-making framework to decide whether Harmful Alteration, Disruption, or Destruction (HADD) is likely to result, and therefore whether a Section 35(2) Fisheries Act authorization is required. The framework asks if the fish h ...

Waves and storms along the shorelines can result in erosion. Landowners often install a riprap or a retaining wall, but these often result in a localized solution that accelerates the erosion on other areas of the beach. The structures prevent the natural ...

This Focus Area Report discusses the regulatory and management processes of aquaculture, introductions and transfers, and transgenics, and of the measures taken to minimize their impacts on wild salmon stocks. The salmon aquaculture industry in Atlantic C ...

The Local Government Resource Handbook guides municipalities on various issues such as finance, administration, planning and development, human resources, and strategic management.

This document is a brochure that explains the options a private landowner in Nova Scotia has and how they can protect the natural areas of the province. Over 70 percent of the province is privately owned, but less than 0.1 percent of the private lands are ...

This is a map produced by NS Environment that shows the Wilderness Areas, Nature Reserves, and Canadian Heritage Rivers within the province of Nova Scotia.

This is a presentation for the 2010 ECELAW Summary Series by Derek Simon on Protected Areas. It covers jurisdiction over protected areas (provincial, federal, and aboriginal), provincial and federal management, and which protection option is best.

This document summarizes the Wilderness Areas Protection Act. This 1998 Act provides a framework to establish, protect and manage wilderness areas. The objectives of this Act are to protect natural processes, biological diversity and outstanding natural f ...

This is a presentation by the Halifax Regional Municipality on the Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning for Halifax Harbour. The presentation includes points on the rationale and objective, the project plan, key findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Cl ...




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