ECELAW Executive Director Lisa Mitchell Profiled in Canadian Lawyer

ECELAW is thrilled to see Executive Director Lisa Mitchell profiled in a Canadian Lawyer article on environmental non-profits in Canada. 

"Lisa Mitchell, the only full-time staff lawyer at ECELAW in Halifax, grew up in rural areas and had early ambitions to be a veterinarian. She became a lawyer instead and then did a masters in environmental studies, including many science courses, all with a view to environmental protection. Now, with many years of private practice behind her and acting as both the executive director and senior lawyer for the clinic, she still spends much time educating herself about the science of the issues ECELAW takes on. She also acts as fundraiser (it does not get legal aid), communications professional, government liaison and public outreach. 'It is certainly big,' she says, when asked about the range of functions her role entails."

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