Imagining Stronger and More Equitable Laws for Nova Scotia

Photo Credit: Mike Kofahl Photo Credit: Mike Kofahl

September 14, 2018

Yesterday afternoon, the Nova Scotia NDP introduced a Bill to the House of Assembly calling for new greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for the province and public consultations on Nova Scotia’s Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act. Bill 30 sets a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 50% below 1990 levels by 2030—a target that ECELAW and dozens of others are supporting as signatories of the groundbreaking 2030 Declaration.

The 2030 Declaration is a product of the Imagining 2030 network—a community of diverse partners from throughout Nova Scotia that have come together to work collaboratively to foster climate justice in Nova Scotia and beyond. Launched on August 30th, 2018, the Declaration encapsulates the network’s shared vision for a just transition away from fossil fuel economies over the next decade, and it imagines a future in which Nova Scotia’s laws set a solid foundation for sustainable and equitable prosperity throughout the region.

The NDP also introduced two other Bills yesterday that would, if passed, create an Environmental Bill of Rights for Nova Scotia and implement measures to redress environmental racism in the province.

Provincial legislatures have enormous power to safeguard the environment, bolster human rights, redress environmental inequities, and show genuine climate leadership by creating strong and progressive laws. With a mission to encourage the development of innovative and effective environmental laws, ECELAW is pleased to see these issues squarely on the table at Province House.