News @ ECELAW- October 2016

Another Day Fighting for a Right to Clean Water in Nova Scotia

Dear Friends;

Water that is unfit to drink continues to flow through taps and into the homes of Harrietsfield residents.

ECELAW and Ecojustice spent Thursday, October 13th at the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, to represent and support our clients who are from Harrietsfield, just minutes outside Halifax.

The people of this community continue to suffer contaminants in their well water. They live near a site that has been contaminated with waste that, over many years, leached into the groundwater.

The Nova Scotia Department of Environment ordered the owners and operators of the site to deal with the contamination in 2010 and again in 2016. As the parties argue in court over responsibility for the contamination, we were there to ensure that the judge hears from those who suffer the most from this ongoing mess.

The judge has reserved her decision and will issue it in writing. We will be in touch again when we receive the decision.

In 2016 in Nova Scotia everyone should have clean and safe drinking water.

Please consider supporting our efforts to make that so.


Many Thanks,


Lisa Mitchell, Staff Lawyer