Request for Proposals for Website Redesign

Photo Credit: Mike Kofahl Photo Credit: Mike Kofahl

October 17, 2022

East Coast Environmental Law is seeking requests for proposals from website designers who can help us update our website! Read the RFP below or scroll to the bottom of this page for a link to a PDF copy.

Request for Proposals for Website Redesign

East Coast Environmental Law is an environmental law charity that provides public-interest environmental law services throughout Atlantic Canada. We envision a future in which laws and legal systems protect ecological health and promote environmental and climate justice in Atlantic Canada, and we therefore advocate for progressive environmental laws and policies, provide public legal education on environmental law matters, and share our legal skills to support individuals, communities, and organizations that are working to prevent or redress environmental harms.

We currently maintain a website at www.ecelaw.ca, and we wish to update the website to make it as user-friendly as possible. Updates may include partial or complete redesign of the website, depending on cost and the advice we receive. Website designers who are interested in working with us to meet the needs described below are encouraged to submit proposals.

Our Website Needs

Our website needs include some special challenges thanks to the wide array of legal information resources that we produce, gather, and provide on our website. 

Our current website includes a large Information Library database with hundreds of summaries of environmental law cases from Atlantic Canada. Through the website, we also maintain an online Environmental Law Inquiry Service through which members of the public submit environmental law questions and concerns. We also produce and publish numerous legal research reports and accessible guides to distinct areas of environmental law, and our teaching and law reform advocacy produce additional materials such as recorded webinars and presentations and written submissions to government. 

To meet the needs of the public we serve, our website must:

  • serve as a streamlined and professional online face of the organization;
  • enable our users to quickly find and access key information about our charity, including information about our staff, Board of Directors, newsletters, and annual reports;
  • enable our team to spotlight our key projects and/or current campaigns; and, 
  • function as an efficient library database in which we can organize our legal information and public legal education offerings in an accessible and easily-navigable way.

Currently, our website is maintained in large part by our staff team, and maintenance is assisted by an external contractor. Ease of maintenance is a crucial consideration for us. 

Our current platform is Joomla, and we are open to discussions about retaining our current system or moving to another.

Our team has a vision for how the contents of the website could be reorganized, but we require design expertise to make that vision a reality. Project deliverables would therefore include:

  • meeting with our team to discuss our vision and map the necessary updates/redesign;
  • website design;
  • managing or assisting with the migration of existing website contents, depending on the extent and complexity of the changes required; and,
  • training staff for ongoing website maintenance.

How to Submit a Proposal

If you are interested in assisting us with this work, please send a written proposal addressed to Lisa Mitchell, Executive Director and Senior Lawyer, to [email protected]

We ask that proposals be submitted no later than Thursday, November 10th. 

Questions may be submitted in advance by writing to [email protected]

What to Include in a Proposal 

(1) A description of your relevant experience, including examples of previous work, if possible.

(2) A description of how you will carry out the work, including activities, deliverables, and associated rates. Please estimate the total cost for all of the proposed work, including services, expenses, and deliverables. The cost should be presented in Canadian dollars, and the total cost should be inclusive of HST.

Click here to download a PDF copy of this RFP.