Volunteer Photographers Callout!


The East Coast Environmental Law Association (ECELAW) wants to expand its photo library, and we need the expertise and keen eyes of photographers who have a knack for capturing the essences of Atlantic Canadian environments.

Whether you prefer exploring manufactured landscapes or elements of the natural world, we would be grateful to receive donated images that speak to the diverse areas in which we conduct our work, including areas such as forestry, endangered species, aquaculture, coastal and ocean protection, and sustainable livelihoods.

As an environmental law charity, ECELAW is sustained by the generosity of its supporters and volunteers. By donating photographs for ECELAW to use freely, you will help to foster the work we do throughout Atlantic Canada to safeguard clean and healthy environments and strong environmental laws.

All donated photographs that we use in our print or online materials will be fully credited. If you are a photographer looking for more exposure, we would also be happy to mention a preferred social media account where more of your work can be viewed.

To donate photographs, please send them as individual attachments to [email protected]

By donating a photograph to ECELAW, you agree that ECELAW can use the photograph in any of its print or online materials and that ECELAW is free to alter the photograph by cropping.