We Recently Submitted our Review of the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act (EGSPA)

When the Nova Scotia government opened up its public consultation period for the Nova Scotia's Environmental Goals and Sustainability Act (EGSPA), East Coast Environmental Law went to work, carefully crafted a list of reccomendations.

East Coast Environmental Law welcomes the renewal of EGSPA. We believe that the initial creation of the Act in 2007 was a significant achievement that demonstrated the power of non-partisan collaboration by all of the political parties that were represented in the House of Assembly at that time. This type of cooperation between political parties is necessary once again in order to address some of Nova Scotia’s most pressing needs and—just as importantly—to imagine a future in which Nova Scotia would be an environmental leader within Canada and beyond.

Today, Nova Scotians need this forward-thinking law more than ever. The world is facing an unprecedented crisis that includes mass species extinction and the threat of climate chaos. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns us repeatedly that must transform our high-greenhouse gas-emitting, fossil-fuel-burning societies within the next eleven years or severe climate consequences will be inevitable. Nova Scotians need an Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act that sets us on course for effective climate change mitigation and adaptation, and that helps us to protect this beautiful province we call home.

Read our review and reccomendations to the Nova Scotia government on the renewal of EGSPA here.