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These Regulations, created under the Nova Scotia Environment Act, classify bodies of water, pesticides, municipal wastes, dangerous goods, and industrial materials as they apply under the Act


This federal Act provides for the implementation of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord, which establishes a Board for the management of petroleum resources in the waters off the coast of Nova Scotia. The Accord outlines responsibil ...


These Regulations, created under the Nova Scotia Pipeline Act, grant jurisdiction over management of the pipeline for the Deep Panuke Project to the National Energy Board.


This Act governs the creation, sale, distribution, and supervision of electricity and electricity providers in the province of Nova Scotia. 


These Regulations, created under the Nova Scotia Energy Resources Conservation Act and the Pipeline Act, establish administration procedures for the construction of gas plant facilities, as well as the terms and conditions of granted licences.


These Regulations, created under the Nova Scotia Pipeline Act, describe the responsibilities that the holder of a licence under the Act owes to a landowner, as well as the notices that a licencee is required to give to a landowner.


These Regulations identify requirements for various kinds of petroleum storage tanks, both above-ground and underground, including requirements for those who install those tanks, limits on tank size, and responsibilities for inspectors of storage tan ...