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Do Atlantic Canadians have a right to a healthy environment? What information is publicly available to assess environmental law enforcement in Atlatic Canada? 

Shockingly, Canada sits among the 8% of United Nations countries that still do not offer their citizens the right to a healthy environment. ECELAW is working to change this by promoting environmental rights throughout Atlantic Canada.  

We believe that Healthy Communities can be achieved and maintained though community-led research and action, and as such, have taken a lead role in an Environmental Rights project. The objective of ECELAW’s Environmental Rights project is to organize an effective East Coast campaign promoting the need for, and recognition of, federal and provincial environmental rights. ECELAW is conducting province-specific legal research, providing resources, starting community dialogue, creating strategic partnerships, and developing campaign action plans in conjunction with Environmental Rights Working Groups, or ERWG's, throughout the region.

ECELAW's Healthy Communities Publications, the establishment of the ERWG's across Atlantic Canada, as well as our ongoing research and mobile legal clinics, all contribute to healthier and more sustainable communities in our neck of the woods.

NEW: Support environmental rights in Nova Scotia by sharing the proposed Environmental Bill of Rights and sending a letter to your MLA. CLICK HERE

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