Imagining 2030

Since the winter of 2018, the East Coast Environmental Law Association has been working in partnership with a host of other organizations, community groups, and individuals from throughout Nova Scotia who have come together to form the Imagining 2030 Network: an initiative in which diverse partners are gathering to share ideas and information and to work collaboratively on climate justice issues affecting Nova Scotia and the world beyond its borders.

In August 2018, Network members and other signatories launched the 2030 Declaration: a statement that encapsulates our shared vision for a just transition away from fossil fuel economies in the coming decade and calls on the Government of Nova Scotia to set an ambitious new target for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions by 2030.

East Coast Environmental Law stands for the development and fair application of strong and innovative environmental laws. To us, the 2030 Declaration represents a vision of a future in which Nova Scotia's laws set a strong foundation for just and effective plans to create sustainable and equitable prosperity in Nova Scotia.

Read the 2030 Declaration here.