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Mission and Vision


ECELAW envisions a future where innovative and effective environmental laws and the fair application of those laws provide Atlantic Canadians with a clean, healthy environment, which will make a positive contribution to the quality of life of its present and future inhabitants and visitors.


ECELAW will encourage the development and fair application of innovative and effective environmental laws in Atlantic Canada through:

  • Public Education: We make environmental laws and legal options easy to understand for Atlantic Canadian communities and organizations fighting for environmental justice.
  • Collaboration: We work with individuals and groups to strengthen environmental laws and ensure enforcement throughout Atlantic Canada.
  • Legal Action: We identify ways to improve Atlantic Canada’s environmental laws and we help Atlantic Canadians defend our environment through the fair application of the law.


  • ECELAW carries out workshops, clinics, and speaking engagements to help inform and engage with our communities.
  • Our online resource library provides the public with a vast array of information on environmental law.
  • Every year, ECELAW mentors future law professionals through a variety of student placements.
  • ECELAW works side-by-side with community groups, institutions, and NGO’s to find sustainable solutions to environmental problems.
  • ECELAW carries out legal and policy research to help review and strengthen Canadian environmental law.
  • When necessary, ECELAW will take action to fight for what is just through legal advice, referrals, or litigation.

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