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Tags: environmental assessment

This presentation for the 2010 ECELAW Summary Series looks at how one can ensure that an aquaculture operation is not having a negative impact on water quality. It starts out by examining the aquaculture industry and the controversy over it, as well as it ...



This federal Act sets out processes for federal environmental assessments and identifies the activities that will trigger such assessments.



This case was heard in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador (Trial Division). Community Mental Health Initiative Inc. ("CMHI") arranged to purchase property from Summit Lounge Inc. ("Summit"). The purchase agreement between the two companies st ...

Category:Case Law


The Environment Act is Nova Scotia's primary piece of environmental legislation, and it establishes mechanisms for the governance of many environmental matters that are under provincial government control.   



These Regulations, created under Newfoundland and Labrador's Environmental Protection Act, detail the creation and responsibility of environmental assessment committees, the guidelines for the creation of environmental impact assessments, and the tim ...



This case was heard in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland (Trial Division). Fracflow Consultants Inc. ("Fracflow") entered into a contract to conduct an environmental assessment of a property. Fracflow believed that it had contracted with an individual na ...

Category:Case Law


These Regulations under Nova Scotia's Environment Act set out the structure, administration, and operation of Environmental Assessment Review Boards under the Act.