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Tags: licence

This presentation for the 2010 ECELAW Summary Series looks at how one can ensure that an aquaculture operation is not having a negative impact on water quality. It starts out by examining the aquaculture industry and the controversy over it, as well as it ...



This Act seeks to protect the environment within New Brunswick. It deals with pesticide controls, designation of contaminants, restoration of land, wetland designation, coastal designation, solid waste commissions, and generation of electricity, among oth ...



This Act revises the outstanding fisheries law and promotes programs to encourage the development of a sustainable fishery. It sets standards for aquaculture, harvesting, and fish processing, and expands the recreational fishery. It also outlines the requ ...



These Regulations, created under the Nova Scotia Energy Resources Conservation Act and the Pipeline Act, establish administration procedures for the construction of gas plant facilities, as well as the terms and conditions of granted licences.



This Act applies to Crown lands and designated shore areas in the Province of New Brunswick. It sets out the requirements for obtaining quarry permits, quarry leases, peat exploration, and peat leases. It also provides for inspections by the Minister of N ...