Payton Tench - Articled Clerk

Payton was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has lived in every part of the municipality, including Spryfield, Dartmouth, Sackville, Bedford, Clayton Park, and every end of Halifax.  As he has moved many times, he went to numerous schools, met many, many people, and became a part of many communities. He believes that this sort of exposure gave him the opportunity to understand and care about people’s voices and perspectives. 

Issues of crime, poverty, systemic oppression, and access to education spoke to Payton. In essence, he really doesn’t like to see anyone being treated unfairly or not having equal opportunities. Upon finishing high school, his perspective motivated him to study sociology and law in university. When the opportunity arose to work with ECELAW, Payton realized that it would be a great means by which to help people and communities at large who were being treated unfairly by environmental impositions, or omissions, from corporations and government.

Payton enjoys being outside, also. He spends his weekends mountain biking through woody trails whenever he can. He has spent many winter days playing hockey on frozen ponds and lakes with his friends and family. Every summer, he climbs Theodore Fricker Mountain when he goes to visit his mom in Cape North, Cape Breton, from where she hails. One day, he would like to go to Belize, where his dad was born and raised, and see the beautiful waters, landscapes, and wildlife there.

Finally, Payton loves and believes in music. He loves every genre, yet blues music is his absolute favourite. He enjoys speaking to anyone he can about any aspect of music and wishes to one day be competent in playing every instrument. For now he has settled in with playing and studying guitar.