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This Act seeks to protect the environment within New Brunswick. It deals with pesticide controls, designation of contaminants, restoration of land, wetland designation, coastal designation, solid waste commissions, and generation of electricity, among oth ...


The Environment Act is Nova Scotia's primary piece of environmental legislation, and it establishes mechanisms for the governance of many environmental matters that are under provincial government control.   


Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, S.N.S. 2007, c. 7 An un-enforceable Provincial law stating various environmental objectives to be met by the year 2020. The Act aims at achieving economic growth along with environmental sustainability b ...


This Act details the administration of environmental protection agencies in Prince Edward Island, as well as the procedures for performing environmental impact assessments, waste treatment procedures, and the implementation of regulations.


These Regulations identify the requirements for membership in and duties of On-site Services Advisory Boards under Nova Scotia's Environment Act in relation to the construction or installation of wells or on-site sewage disposal systems.


 These Regulations govern the installation and use of on-site sewage disposal systems in Nova Scotia.


These Regulations under Nova Scotia's Environment Act govern the management of solid waste in Nova Scotia.