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These Regulations under the federal Fisheries Act provide for fisheries registrations and address pelagics, shellfish, salmon, groundfish, marine plans, and tuna.


A provincial law established to preserve and protect the beaches of Nova Scotia.


A federal law that establishes National Marine Conservation Areas (NMCAs). NMCAs are marine areas managed for sustainable use and often contain smaller zones of higher protection. NCMAs may include the seabed, the water column, wetlands, estuaries, island ...


A federal law that regulates the protection of natural areas of national significance. The law enables Parks Canada to designate and maintain national parks and national parks reserves. Natural resources in those protected areas are dedicated to the benef ...


This Act allows for the creation of parks and makes the Minister responsible for their administration, management and control. Schedules to this Act define the National Parks of Canada, the National Park Reserves of Canada, protected species, park communi ...


This Act applies to any animal, plant, organism that is wild (or not easily distinguishable from such a species), or is that habitat of such an animal, plant, or organism. Among other things, it enables the conservation and research of wildlife in Canada, ...


This Act seeks to protect the environment within New Brunswick. It deals with pesticide controls, designation of contaminants, restoration of land, wetland designation, coastal designation, solid waste commissions, and generation of electricity, among oth ...


A provincial law that facilitates the creation of a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and another eligible body in order to limit the use of land in order to protect ts conservation values.


A conservation easement is an agreement between a land owner and an eligible body that grants rights or imposes obligations on the easement holder, owner, or both for the purpose of protecting, restoring or enhancing the land. This is a useful tool for pr ...


Regulations made under Nova Scotia's Conservation Easements Act to define the term "eligible bodies", referenced in Section 16 of that Act.


This Act exists to protect, designate, recover, and conserve species at risk in Nova Scotia. It also seeks to protect their habitats.


This Act create policies and programs to maintain diversity of wildlife species in New Brunswick. Among other things, it enables the provincial government to create wildlife refuges and wildlife management areas, it regulates hunting, fishing, possession, ...


This Act enables the Government of New Brunswick to regulate aquaculture operations in the province.


These federal Regulations under the Fisheries Act govern multiple aspects of the fisheries throughout Canada.


This Act charges the Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry with the management, renewal, and protection of forest lands on Prince Edward Island and creates various mechanisms through which the Minister can carry out their mandate.


This federal Act implements the international Migratory Birds Convention by protecting and conserving migratory birds and their habitats.


This Act exists to protect ecologically significant sites on Prince Edward Island, including sand dunes, marshes, rivers, ponds, bogs, forests, offshore islands, cliffs and marine areas.


This federal Act provides for the management and conservation of oceans, the designations of Canadian oceans, the responsibilities of the Minister, and the creation of regulations.


This Act provides for the establishment and management of protected natural areas in New Brunswick.


This Act provides for the preservation, regulation, and study of archaeological, historical, paleontological, and ecological sites in Nova Scotia.