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Welcome to ECELAW

East Coast Environmental Law Association, established in 2007 as a non-profit organization, responds to community inquiries, carries out legal and policy research and presents educational resources and opportunities to increase public awareness of environmental laws in Atlantic Canada. Our objective is to build capacity in the public and among legal practitioners so that we can work together to ensure that environmental laws are effectively used and strengthened.

Through its workshops, inquiry line and projects, ECELAW's work touches on a variety of wide-ranging issues of lasting public importance including water, fisheries, mining, energy, protected places, species at risk, and environmental assessment.

If you have a question about environmental law, send a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also telephone us at (902) 489 7997.


  • St Marys Bay - Case Study +

    A personal account of living near an industrial salmon aquaculture operation. Download Read More
  • Aquaculture Regulation Draft Panel Report Released +

    Do you have questions about the recently released draft report from the Independent Aquaculture Regulatory Review for Nova Scotia Panel? Read More
  • Failure to Enforce +

    Ever wondered how and to what extent Nova Scotia's Environment Act is enforced?  Or what information is publicly available to Read More
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ECLAW Projects

  • Environmental Rights +

    ECELAW joins its voice to the multitude of Canadians who believe that all humans have the right to live in Read More
  • Species at Risk +

    Nova Scotia has an arguably strong Species at Risk Act.  But is the government meeting its obligations under the Act?  Read More
  • Environmental Law Inquiries +

    Have an environmental law concern?  From contaminated wells, to polluted waterways, to clearcut forests, to inappropriate mining, ECELAW responds to Read More
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